What is an apk file

If you are currently using an android phone or android TV in your home or place of work, you might have heard about the APK file. It is essential to know that one cannot install an APK file on other operating systems apart from the android OS. The APK files contain some applications that are not available on the market (Google play store). There are several processes involved during the launching of different applications to the google play store. If you need to access special features on your Android TV or mobile phones, there are some APK files you need to download. In this article, we shall discuss some of the essential things that everyone needs to know about the APK files. Those things are:

Meaning of an APK file

If you are among the many people asking what is an APK? It would help if you relaxed since we got the right definition. An android package kit (APK) refers to a file format that is compatible with the Android operating system only. Most of the APK files contain enhanced features as compared to the existing applications. For instance, if you want an app that includes all the latest features, getting a leaked APK file for a similar app can help you. 

Guide on how to install APK on android

Unlike the standard applications that you can download from the google play store, the APK file is not available in google play store. Installing an app from the google play store is a straightforward task. That is because all you need is to choose the app, download and install on your device. 

Since the APK files are not available in the google play store, you need first to know a reliable site where you can download the APK file. Several websites offer APK file downloads. Below are some of the steps on how to install the APK file on your android device. The steps are:

Step 1. Choose the best site to download the APK

before you start installing the APK file in your android device, you must have the file ready. Therefore there are many sites where you can download the file. It is essential to know that some websites contain malicious files that help them to steal your data. Thus, you need to choose a safe site to download the APK file. Below we shall discuss some of the essential things to consider when selecting the best site to download an APK file in detail. After choosing the right website to download the APK file, then you are ready to proceed to the second step. 

Step2. Download the APK file

Downloading the APK file will allow you to install APK on android. All you need is to follow a few guidelines. Before you begin to download the APK file that you need, ensure you check the size of its file. To avoid interruption during the downloading process, you need to have enough internet bundles for the ones who are using the internet from their mobile network providers. Therefore you need to have a reliable internet connection to ensure the file will download quickly. 

Step 3. Allow installation from unknown sources 

How to install unknown apk file on android.
Install unknown apps on android

In this step, you need to change the device setting so that it can allow installation from untrusted sources. Generally, the device allows the installation of apps from google play store. By changing the settings, the device will be able to install files from other sources. Having changed the settings mentioned above, now you are ready to install the APK file downloaded on step two. 

How to install unknown apk file on android.
Install unknown apps on android

Step 4. Install and open the APK

Step 4 is the last step to install APK on an android device. In this step, we assume you have already downloaded the file and changed the device installation settings. You need to click on the APK file after you have download and follow a few installation steps. After you finish installing the APK file, now you need to open the APK and enjoy the best features of the app file.

How to choose the best website to download the APK file?

Since many websites contain several APK files, there is a need to choose the best site. Downloading the APKfile from the best site will guarantee you a malicious free APK file. Many people have lost essential information to hackers because of downloading the APK file from malicious sites. Below are some of the crucial things to consider when choosing the best website to download the APK file. Those things include

  1. The reviews

The reviews are among the essential things that one should consider when choosing the best website to download the APK file. That is because the reviews will help you to know more details about the website to download the APK file. Choosing the site with the best reviews from the users will help you to reduce the chances of downloading malicious files used by the hackers to spy for information from your device. 

  1. Security

Not every APK file download site is safe for you to use. Therefore it is essential to consider how secure the site is before you begin to download APK files. Opt for the most secure sites since they guarantee you maximum security. 

Advantages of installing the APK file

There are many benefits of installing APK files in your android device. After you have downloaded the APK file that you wanted from your favorite browser, you will enjoy the following. 

  • Allows you to enjoy exciting features

Since most of the APK files are an upgrade of the existing applications, installing such a file will allow you to access the latest features of a given app even before its launch on the market. Therefore to start to enjoy the beautiful features of some applications, installing the APK file is very crucial. 

  • Access to apps that you need

There are some applications used in specific areas. For instance, if you need an application that will allow you to stream free movies online, you can get such an exciting app by getting the APK files. The APK files will allow you to enjoy services regardless of your location. 

  • Allows you to get the latest updates from Google
  • Enjoy a variety of goodies before their release date

Therefore by considering all the above-discussed things, you will be able to get all the information that you need to know about the APK and how to install APK on android. 

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