Ways to allocate more ram to minecraft

Various things may affect the performance of your devices such as computers, mobile phones, or any other when playing a game or executing any other task. Random-access memory (RAM) is among the essential things that determine the performance of the computer. That is because Random Access Memory gives the machine enough space to execute a particular program. To play your Minecraft game effectively, then there is a need to allocate more RAM to your Minecraft server.

If you have been inquiring about the guide on how to allocate more RAM to Minecraft for a long time without success, then you do not need to worry anymore since we got you covered. Studies indicate that the recommended RAM that one should have to play such games effectively is 4 GB. If you allocate your Minecraft server for more than 2 GB, that is better because the performance of the computer will be excellent. In this article, we shall discuss a step by step guide on how to allocate RAM to Minecraft server. Those steps are;

Method 1 to allocate more ram to Minecraft server

Step 1. Download the Minecraft server

Downloading the Minecraft server is the first step to allocating more RAM to your Minecraft server. There are two main ways to set up your Minecraft server. You can either set up using a reliable hosting provider or using the software provided by Mojang. Therefore assuming we are using the software by Mojang, the first step is to download the software and install it on your computer. Once the software gets installed on your computer, now you are free to proceed to the next step. To download the Minecraft server, you need to look for a reliable Minecraft server download site.

Step 2. Locate your Minecraft server

Once you have downloaded the server and installed it well, the next step is to ensure you can locate it quickly on your computer. To find the server mentioned earlier, you need to use the file explorer option to search for your server. Once you have typed the right names for the Minecraft server, then you need to click the search option, and within a few seconds, your search results will be available.

Step 3. Creation of text document

The creation of a text document is the third step that one should perform when allocating more RAM to Minecraft server. The purpose of this text document is to create a text document of the directory of the Minecraft server. Once you made the text document, then you need to proceed to open the document created and paste the relevant details.

Step 4. Open the text document and paste the command

Step four is among the essential steps in allocating more RAM to the Minecraft server. For the people using personal computers only, you need to paste the text “java -Xmx****M -Xms****M -Exe Minecraft_Server.exe -o true

 PAUSE” on the opened text document. 

Step 5. Edit the command

After you have pasted the command provided on the previous step, there are a few things that you need to modify. On the places with *, replace them with the amount of RAM that you need to allocate to the Minecraft game. Remember, you can only assign the RAM that is available on your device. If your device has a 4 GB free RAM, you need to allocate four or less than 4 GB to the Minecraft server. If you want to give 2 GB RAM on the Minecraft server, ensure you input the amount of RAM in terms of MB. 1 GB =1024 MB. Therefore using the above-provided information, you will be able to know the amount of RAM to allocate in your Minecraft server.

Step 6. Save the file

When you finish editing the file, the next step you need to take is saving the file. To save the file, you need to click on the top left corner and choose the appropriate name to name your file. Once you finish saving the file, now your server launch file is ready.

Change the file format from txt to bat

There are a few things that one should not forget when saving the file edited in step five. When saving the file, you need to choose the best format. If you save the file in the wrong format, you will have a hard time changing the file from txt to batch file. You need to ensure you save the file on the type “all files.”

Launch the file when you need to play

After you have performed the last step mentioned above, now the file you have saved will be your new launcher to the Minecraft server. You need to ensure you run the file every time you need to play the game. That is because you will be able to enjoy the game in the best way since the RAM available is enough.

Method 2 how to dedicate more ram to Minecraft

If you find that the above-discussed method is hard for you to add more RAM to your Minecraft server, then below is another effective method. To use the second method, you need to have the latest version of Minecraft software installed on your computer. After updating or downloading the latest version of Minecraft, follow the below-discussed steps. They include;

Step 1. Check the device RAM 

Start with checking the RAM size available on your computer if you have been inquiring about how to allocate more ram to Minecraft server 2021. To check the RAM size, you need to right-click on “The PC or my computer” and select the last option named “properties” once you see the available RAM size, now you will know the size of the RAM to allocate on the Minecraft server.

Step 2. Download and install ATLauncher

The process of downloading ATLauncher is simple. That is because you do not require to follow several steps to download and install. You need to choose the best site to download the ATLauncher to avoid getting other fake software.

Step 3. Open the ATLauncher

In this step, you need to open the ATLauncher and modify some settings to allocate more RAM to Minecraft. After opening the software, you need to click on the setting icon and select the Minecraft tab or java. Once you have chosen the Minecraft tab, you need to select the size of the RAM that you need to allocate.

Step 4. Input the RAM size you need to allocate to the Minecraft server

Studies indicate that many people make a mistake while inputting the size of the RAM they need to allocate to the Minecraft server. The common mistake that people forget is that you need to add the RAM in the form of MB and not GB. Remember, since the units are in MB, if you put eight as a value, the RAM that will get added will be 8/1024 GB. That shows you will allocate only a small RAM. Therefore always ensure you input the RAM in the form of MB and click save. 

After following any of the two methods discussed above, you will be able to know how to allocate more RAM to Minecraft server 2020 or any other version.  

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